Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Blocking of Blogger.com

As many know, the internet is somewhat censored in China, and there are many sites that cannot be accessed from within the country. Until recently, Wikipedia.org was blocked, and there will be occassional chunks of time during any given day when google.com cannot be accessed. Most of the sites blocked by the Chinese firewall may paint negative pictures of the Chinese government, or periods of rule in Chinese history. While you will get hundreds of thousands of hits if you google "Tianmen Square 1989" and almost 3 million hits if you search for "China human rights violations," many of the links will bring up a "this page cannot be displayed" message when clicked.
Any blogspot.com URLs are also currently blocked here. I received error messages every time I tried to log onto a particular one during the summer, but then was able to access that one and a number of others over the past couple months. A few weeks ago, I again received the error messages when trying to view a couple of my favorite blogs. I had to go through a proxy server to view both others' blogs and my own, but I was still able to log in and post messages on Dig A Hole to China. Now, however, I am completely unable to access my blogspot.com account to post. We will see if anything changes in the near future, but in the meantime I will have my brother and sister post for me from the US while I search for a new URL....

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