Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Style in Beijing?

A few friends and I decided to go out on Monday night, and celebrate our week off work. After enjoying several rounds of 5 RMB shooters (USD $0.65) at one bar, I met up with some other friends at one of the bigger clubs in Beijing.

Apparently nighttime is when all Beijing's young hipsters come out. Beijing is constantly out-sassed by Shanghai when it comes to style...and it is certainly not a recognized fashion center outside of China! As one of my friends asked "How come I never see these people on the street?? Where do they eat? Where do they live?!?" Even some of the American high school students I taught in Beijing this summer immediately commented on Shanghai's style superiority when we took a trip outside the capital.

Long limited to grey or navy trousers and a corresondingly colored "Mao Jacket," the concept of fashion is finally emerging in China. While I am constantly overwhelmed (and frightened, I must admit) by the array of what I refer to as "bedazzled" clothing, there are some serious gems in the endless clothing markets in Beijing. The crowds I saw on Monday night were strutting their funky, accessorized ensembles for all to see. God bless their 90 lb, size 0 frames which actually fit into the clothes here.

lingering outside, texting friends, and scoping

the scenesters watch as a fleet of racecars parked outside the club rev their engines...is this Beijing or the set of the Fast and The Furious??

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